Laser cleaning workshop in Kraków

Laser cleaning workshop in Kraków

On 26-27 November we conducted another heritage laser cleaning workshop – this time in Kraków, at the Academy of Fine Arts for painting conservation and restoration students, at the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics, the AGH University of Science and Technology, and at the Jagiellonian University for Modern Heritage Conservation Treatment Analysis course participants.

As in Wrocław, both students and faculty took part in the workshops, whose program was very similar, the only major difference being the subjects selected for laser cleaning tests – polychrome and gilded woodcarving pieces and easel paintings entrusted to us by final grade painting and polychrome sculpture students. We successfully managed to test clean gilding foil repaintings and remove old protections and repairs that had long resisted even the most reactive solvents.

The workshops proved a great opportunity for the students to learn about laser cleaning and for us to discover its new applications in tough cases.

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