Our previous experience in organizing workshops and related talks with conservators, museum employees, collectors and art lovers have led us to the conclusion that there is a growing interest in and demand for specialized workshops in the general field of heritage conservation treatment.

The world is always changing. New findings and discoveries affect our approach to heritage conservation and related disciplines, e.g. archeology, as well as yielding new research and treatment possibilities.

In order to keep up with those developments, we are setting up a new training and workshop unit with the aim of promoting continuous professional development and life long learning. We want to offer short, intensive and highly specialized courses with a large practical component in the form of master-apprentice workshops in small groups.

Our trainers have vast practical knowledge and expertise as well as being accomplished academics.

The workshops are dedicated to professionals who would like to update their knowledge or perfect particular skills, especially to employees of public heritage protection services, heritage guardians, heritage conservators, archaeologists, art historians and construction site supervisors.

A meeting with professionals, practitioners and experts is always the most effective method of knowledge and experience transfer.

Workshops are held in our laboratory, but if requested, we can organize them anywhere in Poland or abroad. The language of instruction is Polish or English.


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