seminar in Athens – innovative heritage conservation technologies

seminar in Athens – innovative heritage conservation technologies

2 June 2015

We participated in a seminar organized by the Conservation Department of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens on innovative heritage conservation technologies with a special focus on antiquities. We shared our experience concerning marble conservation by delivering a report on the treatment of sculptures by André Le Brun from the Warsaw Royal Baths Museum Palace on the Isle.

We presented the innovative research and conservation methods which were applied during the project: nano-lime consolidation, laser cleaning and non-destructive GPR examination intended to help assess the condition of the structure of the sculptures and the effects of the treatment.

Besides taking part in the seminar, together with Greek conservators we paid a visit to the archaeological site of The Sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron, where GPR had been applied to examining the structure of the columns of the Artemis Temple and architectural stone elements had been consolidated with nano-lime.



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